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Referensi Website Prediksi Untuk Anda Para Togeler Dan Bola Mania

Banyak diluaran sana tempat prediksi bola dan togel serta alat-alat untuk merekap angka togel sampai mesin togel yang katanya "terpercaya,terakurat" bullshit,,,,logikanya klo alat-alat,hasil rekapan atau apapun namanya ga akan bisa nembus klo pun bisa nembus itu hanya keberuntungan belaka.klo itu benar-benar bisa tembus ngapain dia promosi bikin capek aja,lagian kalau dia bisa meramal keluaran togel mending pake sendiri ngapain capek-capek ngeblog.

oleh karena anda harus benar-benar bijak menentukan pilihan anda,jangan sia-siakan uang anda untuk hal-hal yang ngambang dan belum jelas. Kerja mungkin ini jalan satu-satunya untuk memperoleh uang.karena dengan kerja kita bisa membuat badan kita sehat dan bonusnya dapet gaji :) . maka dari itu kita akan bahas satu-satu web yang lumayan bagus untuk referensi togel dan bola

www.datukprediksi.com -> web ini hanya mengulas pengeluaran togel mulai dari Singapura (sgp), hongkong (hkg) , dubai , shanghai, china , kim toto, dan masih banyak lagi langsung saja anda bisa melihat keluaran terkini disana.dan juga refensi untuk hasil rekapan anda apabila cocok silahkan dipakai,disana tempat berkumpulnya para prediktor-prediktor hebat.anda bisa ambil bagian dari kesuksesan anda sendiri.

www.jokerprediksi.com -> web yang satu ini mengulas tentang keluaran togel singapura dan juga keluaran togel hongkong saja, dan juga prediksi-prediksi skor pertandingan bola yang lagi hangat yang ada didunia ini.seperli liga italia (A Team), liga inggris (premier league), liga perancis (Ligue 1), liga spanyol ( LFP BBVA), Liga Jerman (Bundes Liga) dan juga berita tentang liga euro yang akan diselenggarakan sebentar lagi.

nah dari kedua web tersebut diatas dapat  kita simpulkan bahwa www.datukprediksi.com dan www.jokerprediksi.com bukan situs judi/agen judi melainkan tempat prediksi dan hasil keluaran togel saja.
itu semua juga tergantung dari para maniak togel dan bola saya hanya menyarankan anda 2 website tersebut untuk mencocokan hasil referensi anda atau hasil rekapan anda.

sekian dulu informasi dari semoga keberuntungan ada selalu bagi para togel mania dan bola mania.semoga anda selalu JP dan DP hehehhehe.

Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

INDONESIA : Threatened On Fire 10 Members of Parliament

Jakarta , A total of ten representatives of the people at risk will get a severe sanctions, including from members of parliament dismissed for involvement in various cases. "Next week there will be his decision, there are ten members of thethe House .The result of BK will be delivered in plenary session "said Deputy Honorary Board ( BK)DPR ,Nudirman Munir capitol ,Jakarta , Friday ( 27 / 5 )

Wow,,,,,,,,Tijuana cops suspended over lap dance

Fifteen police officers in Tijuana, Mexico, were suspended after they were seen in a video allegedly forcing a young female detainee to perform a topless lap dance in exchange for her release, the coordinator for the city's communications department told CNN Tuesday.
Among those suspended was the district's chief of police, Raul Gomez Cana said.
"They will stay suspended until we decide what to do with them," he said.
Gomez did not provide further details, including why the woman was in custody.
The video of the act was made public by local newspaper El Mexicano. It was purportedly taped March 2, the paper reported on its website.
The video allegedly shows uniformed police officers forcing a woman to give them a lap dance. Still photos from the video show at least one officer groping a half-naked woman. Other photos posted on El Mexicano's website show uniformed police officers standing in the background as the woman stands half-naked in front of one of the other officers.


Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Tang's role in Chinese propaganda film in doubt

HONG KONG (AP) — "Lust, Caution" star Tang Wei's role in a Chinese propaganda blockbuster as the first love of Communist China's founding father, Mao Zedong, has reportedly been dropped, raising the prospect that the actress is still suffering backlash after playing a traitor in the 2007 World War II-era spy thriller.

While "Lust, Caution" gave Tang international exposure, her role as a student activist who warns a Japan-allied Chinese intelligence official about an assassination attempt allegedly offended Chinese film officials worried about lingering anger over Japanese wartime atrocities.

The film's director, Ang Lee, who won an Oscar for the gay romance "Brokeback Mountain," was asked to edit dialogue so as to make the warning from Tang's character less explicit. And Tang herself was reportedly blacklisted, not releasing another movie until last year's Hong Kong-set romantic comedy "Crossing Hennessy."

In September, Tang's casting as Mao's girlfriend was announced, signaling her rehabilitation in China. She joined a star-studded cast in "Jian Dang Wei Ye," a propaganda blockbuster scheduled for release on June 15 to mark the 90th anniversary of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese title translates roughly as "The Great Achievement of Founding the Party."

But as the release date nears, reports have surfaced that Tang was left out of the final cut.

Gao Jun, deputy general manager of Chinese theater operator New Film Association, told The Associated Press in a phone interview Thursday that Tang's role was cut because historians questioned the factual accuracy of her character. He cited "industry insiders," but declined to identify them.

Gao, however, said the decision had nothing to do with her "Lust, Caution" role.

"It's not a problem with the actress," he said.

A news report posted on the official website for "Jian Dang Wei Ye" on Thursday said Tang was no longer listed in the credits printed in the film's latest publicity materials — although a production photo of Tang's character was still posted on the site.

Production notes recently sent to the AP by the movie's Hong Kong publicists also left out Tang from a list of actors that included Hong Kong veterans Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau and director John Woo, as well as Chinese-American performers Daniel Wu and Leehom Wang, and Taiwanese actor Chang Chen from the kung fu hit "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Mainland Chinese actresses Zhou Xun and Fan Bingbing are also part of the ensemble cast.

Mao is played by Chinese actor Liu Ye, best known to Western audiences for his roles in the Zhang Yimou imperial drama "Curse of the Golden Flower" and the drama "Dark Matter," which costarred Meryl Streep.

Jiang Defu, the spokesman for government-owned studio China Film Group, declined to comment, asking a reporter to watch the movie when it is released.

Tang's Hong Kong management company didn't immediately return a call from the AP on Thursday.

Tang has another scheduled Chinese release this year. The Peter Chan martial arts picture "Dragon," which co-stars Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro, is scheduled to hit Chinese theaters Aug. 3.

It wasn't clear whether "Dragon" has cleared Chinese censors. Chan's production company, Applause Pictures, didn't immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Besides the release of "Jian Dang Wei Ye," news reports said earlier this month that media regulators have also ordered broadcasters to show "outstanding" TV series in synch with party themes as part of the propaganda buildup before the July 1 anniversary of the party's founding. TV stations have been reportedly prohibited from airing spy and crime thrillers from May to July.

"Jian Dang Wei Ye" is the second star-studded Chinese propaganda film in recent years. China Film Group also released "The Founding of a Republic" in 2009 to mark the 60th anniversary of Communist rule in China.

While propaganda films were once considered boring and outdated fare, especially by youngsters, China Film Group has been able to reinvigorate the genre by injecting star power, and in the process lending credibility to its version of history. The Chinese-language film industry's biggest stars have been happy to comply, eager to please film officials who hold sway over the country's fast-growing theatrical market. A-listers like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Lau had cameo appearances in "The Founding of a Republic," which went on to make a whopping $62 million in China, helped by politically correct theater operators who flooded their properties with screenings.

China Film Group is eager to replicate that success with "Jian Dang Wei Ye." Shot in locations across China, Paris and Moscow and set from 1911 to 1921, the film describes the "spectacular stories" of how Mao and his colleagues "gave everything for their country during turbulent times," according to an official synopsis issued by Hong Kong publicists.

source : http://www.reliablenews.com/
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